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SIDLER® is Leidenschaft. SIDLER® is Passion

SIDLER embodies Swiss quality and detail in each of their luxury products. Their elegant customized designs combine simplicity and authenticity to create an unique yet familiar feeling.

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7 Sidler Collections

Collections - SIDELIGHT

The New Gliding Mirror Door from SIDLER invokes luxury through new innovative technology. Their new beautiful design complimented by functionality makes the SIDELIGHT your futuristic solution; today.

Dimmable Seamless LED has taken a step further with the temperature lighting option of 3000K or 4000K for your lighting preference. You will love the accessibility of the built-in USB and outlets as well as the SIDLER® patented shelf adjustment system. The integrated lighting system continues to be a signature for SIDLER® with SilverLasting and anodized aluminum body.

Welcome to the Future with SIDLER®



Collections - TALL

Your perfect morning begins with a daily ritual of experiencing luxury in the reflection of the Tall collection.

The SIDLER Tall is modern, elegant and our most versatile cabinet. With an amazing double-sided SIDLER distortion-free mirror as well as Silverlasting, you will see a true reflection without desilvering. Addition of a styling shelf and adjustable glass shelves allow you to personalize your interior.

The soft-close feature ensures a serene morning.

Collections - LED

Sophistication and simplicity prepares you for serenity through crafted Swiss design.

The SILDER's LED mirror cabinet, refined in both its execution and technology, features an original light design. This design effects a sublime geometric tension with the light shining through the mirror. Opening the cabinet door reveals a mirrored cabinet back that evokes a cosmopolitan feeling.

Seamless LED light delivered via next generation illumination technology solves the problem of visible dots. It radiates a pure and unbroken light stream.

Glimpse of the future. Energy efficient, seamless LED provides 50,000 hours of light.


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Collections - DIAMANDO

The SIDLER Diamando's flawless composition unifies artistry with breakthrough technological functionality.

Simply mountable yet available for recession with fluorescent lamps or without any electrical features for a classical ambience. The streamlined, contemporary design of SIDLER Diamando allows for sleek addition into any bathroom design due to the variety of options in sizes and doors for those special touches to any luxury retreat.

Collections - SINGLA

The SIDLER Singla Collection emphasises simplicity, beauty and functionality at an unexpected price point.

The recessed design creates a seamless modern, clean and beautiful esthetic. With features such as soft-close double-sided mirror door, shelf adjustable system, cosmetic box and magnifying mirror, SIDLER Singla is your must-have cabinet.

The SIDLER Singla collection offers essential features, and modern look that you need to complement your bathroom.



Collections - PRIOLO

The Priolo collection mirror cabinet enhances the design of any bathroom while offering an alternative solution to harsh factory lighting with integrated fluorescent light.

SIDLER Priolo takes innovation to the next level by offering up to two electrical outlets with its cabinetry and customizable shelves at any height within regards to design. Features such as a cosmetics box, magnifying mirror and double-sided mirror doors are just few of the SIDLER Priolo's qualities.

Our patented shelving system that uses no screws or holes is one of SIDLER Priolo's unique features that combines technological innovation and design.

With the addition of no handles and visible hinges, ultimate luxury is emphasized.

Collections - AXARA

The classical frame of SIDLER Axara allows you to design your sophisticated bathroom with a practical cabinet without compromising elegance.

SIDLER Axara has the distinction of being our only line of mirrored cabinetry to offer two different integrated lighting system: fluorescent lamps, or halogen lights. This beautifully designed mirror cabinet has a simplified option of no electrical features as well with a mountable structure.


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About Sidler

For three generations the Sidler's, of the Swiss canton Thurgau, have laboured tirelessly to bring you perfection in mirror bathroom cabinets.

Otto Sidler founded SIDLER® in 1964 because he wanted to build quality products his way. From his humble beginnings in an old warehouse, Otto Sidler manufactured the first SIDLER® mirror cabinet in 1968.

2009 SIDLER® introduced its products to the North American market. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, SIDLER®; distributes its products from multiple warehouse locations, one on each coast. This guarantees a streamlined process for our client network of dealers across the United States and Canada.

Employing more than 60 people on 100,000sqft and manufacturing 35,000 cabinets to date annually, SIDLER®'s experience and know-how is the foundation of their innovation and designs. A lean company structure and flexible operation allows them to meet specific customer demands and even provide custom solutions in a timely manner.